Tips To Make You A Great Client With An Escort

Spending the night with an escort can be amazing if you plan it right. There are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to make her feel comfortable. Remember, the better you treat her, the better she treats you and you are in for a night of amazing passion if you know how to behave when with an escort. It’s tough to know exactly what she wants sometimes, so here are a few handy tips that can help you become the perfect client every escort craves for.

Always Stay Clean
This is really important. No escort likes to service a man who is not clean. Before you meet an escort, make sure you take a bath, wear clean underwear and put on some perfume or cologne. If you’re meeting her at a hotel, make sure the hotel room is clean and has a clean bathroom. If you’re calling her home make sure you’ve got the towels and soaps ready and clean in the bathroom.  

Get To Know Your Escort
It is really important to get to know your escort. If you can manage to find some information about her online then its good, if not try to see if she has a website, a social media account or anything that can help you learn something about her. When you meet her, make sure you talk to her and communicate so the both of you get comfortable with each other. 

Get Her A Gift/Wine
This is not mandatory, but it is always a good thing to make her feel appreciated. A bottle of wine is a great way to kick start your evening together and it also helps the two of you relax. In case you’ve hired an escort who does not drink you can always opt in for chocolates or flowers. This doesn’t really cost a lot, but the fact that you got her something will make her feel good and she will do her best to please you. 

Set The Right Mood
Don’t sit and watch a match when you’re with an escort. Try playing some romantic music, light a few candles and keep the dim lights on. This creates a sensual environment and it gets easy for the two of you to come close.

Pay In Advance
This is something you need to remember. Every escort likes to be paid in advance, so before you get to doing your business, you need to pay her. Don’t wait for her to ask for the money, pay her before she asks for it. 

Make Sure She Is Comfortable
The key to being a great client is understanding what the escort is comfortable with. The key to learning this is always asking is she is fine. You can share your fantasies with her, and she will oblige, but try to please her too. 

Don’t Forget To Tip
If you had the time of your life, make sure she knows about it. Tell her you had a good time and tip her for her services.

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